Social responsibility

Flenexa plus s.r.o. is a socially responsible company

We commit ourselves to sustained growth through constant investment in product development and production methods. Flenexa plus strives to be seen by both the public and individuals as a leader in its industry.

We want to achieve our goals with a sensitive, open and honest approach and strive to minimize the environmental impact of our business.

Our CSR approach

The Flenexa plus company perceive the impact on enviroment and tries to eliminate it as much as possible in their activities. In its activities it ensures the best possible use of resources and ensures the lowest amount of waste and production efficiency. To do this it also tries to motivate its employees and partners.

Flenexa plus is actively involved in producing green energy from renewable resources. It itself operates several renewable energy plants.

The Division of Waste recycling is participating in material usage of waste and with its innovative activities it sets the course for modern waste recovery. For example in the waste division the company operates a bio-waste composting plant.

Flenexa plus strives to be socially responsible not only in the environmental but also in the social and economic field.