Quality and safety

Flenexa plus strives to achieve excellent results in the mechanical engineering industry. This is possible thanks to professional work and long-term stable business policy.

Flenexa plus is mainly interested in permanent, mutually beneficial cooperation with both customers and suppliers.

Flenexa plus is a company in which we are intensively innovating. In the field of machining we are not afraid to come up with a solution that other companies do not dare.

Customer satisfaction is a key indicator of Flenexa plus’s success. We try to maintain this by high quality services and professionalism in dealing with the customer.

Also, the professional qualification of all our employees is fully alligned with the demands of our goals and is being intensively developed accordingly. Our company is a reliable partner, based on conscientious work and quality services. We are able to respond to specific requirements with flexibility and we guarantee compliance with agreed deadlines.

Management Systems

With our quality management system we are able to guarantee that all our customers receive quality products and services.

Also stabilized business processes contribute to the fact that all orders are dealt with efficiently while paying attention to exact delivery times.

Quality Management System

Flenexa plus’s quality management system includes: product quality management, process quality management, work safety management, occupational health and environmental protection.

We verify and document the success of the application and the effectiveness of the individual quality management systems through internal and external audits.

Work safety, health protection and environmental protection

Maximum work safety, health protection at work and environmental protection – this is our primary goal in relation to employees and the environment. Global standards and adequate safety and environmental measures are in place in our company to eliminate the risk of accidents at work.


At Flenexa plus s.r.o. is the quality management system certified according to ISO 9001: 2015.

All Flenexa plus suppliers are subject to supplier qualification and evaluation.

The currently valid standards can be found under here .

Standards and Guidelines

We take into the account all technical standards in our work. However, in addition to the basic normative and legislative requirements we also meet the specific statutory requirements and the relevant directives.